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Monday, March 2, 2015

Tips for Preventing Theft during Travel

No one in this world would like to experience robbery during his/her travel. However, some simple measures can be done before departing to prevent yourself being target of robbery, or at least to minimize the loss when you are run out of luck.
Below are some tips quoted from Travelongue to help preparing your travel.

1.Make Copies of Documents
Keep in mind that only necessary documents should be brought on travel. And making copies of your important documents such as passports will make it easier for the reporting and replacement when you lost the original documents.
Take photos of your valuable belongings so that when it happen to disappear, you can give police more accurate details of those things. Besides the photos will helpful when you have to claim your insurance.

2.Avoid Places That is Too Crowded or Too Quiet
Crimes typically happen in particular places such as too crowded or too quiet places. Therefore, try to avoid those places. For the peace of mind, you can carry your belongings in a waist bag as it is harder to be grabbed by the thief.
If you happen to be in an unsafe area, make sure you pass by these area before dark.

3.Secure your Belongings
When leaving your hotel room to visit a tourist spot, it is better to leave your belongings in order. Store important goods in a closed and secure place. Some hotels provide metal safe for the guest and this is the safest place to leave your valuables.
When checking out of the room, do not forget to check every drawers and under the bed.

4.Select the Right Bag
In addition to the waist bag, make sure you bring bags that can be securely closed cith some compartments and zippers. Bringing shoulder bag is the best choice because you can position the bag on the front or on either side.

5.Stay Alert
You should stay alert not only when you are in public areas but also anywhere especially when there is riot or rumpus. People are typically forget about their belonging in panic situation.
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